Writing skills, Paraphrasing, Summary writing, Reading and Outline

Writing skills:


Paraphrasing is re-writing a poet’s utterances or ideas is one’s own words without altering the meaning of the original. Thus a stanza takes the shape of the prose. It is of the same length as the original because the purpose is to re-phrase without going into any unnecessary details.

A: Phrase the last stanza of the  poem.

Summary writing:

A summary is a shorter version of an oral, visual or written text. Following  are the four basic steps in the preparing a summary,  providing a logical and organized  approach to the process of summary writing.


A good summary depends to a large extent on good reading, to understand the original text.


Outlining involves, making notes that may help you compose a summary such as noting author’s purpose, topic sentence, supporting details and main idea.

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