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Visual merchandising is one of the newest specialties of the 21st century. Already 15-20 years ago we did not hear such a word and, moreover, did not know such a concept.

However, time goes forward – and life changes. Today, in the age of buyers and consumers, every store owner or head of the sales department makes every effort to increase the number of goods sold and to attract maximum buyers to its outlet. For this, various marketing moves and sales technologies are used, among which the very same visual merchandising plays a significant role .

What it is?

This is a whole science of how commodity units should be placed, how trading shelves and counters, store windows, banners, signs and more should look like. And also – how competently the product should be placed (for example, what should be placed at eye level, what is in the first, and what is in the second row, higher or lower, etc.) so that you would like to buy it. And even – what kind of music should sound in the trading floor in order to influence not only the buyer’s eyesight, but also his psychology and emotional state.

That is why every head of the trade departments of certain companies needs a competent specialist merchandiser who will definitely own all the rules for the placement of goods and ultimately contribute to increased sales.

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