How to Control Ants

How to Control Ants Ants can be fairly noteworthy as they get astounding things done as a gathering. In any case, on the off chance that you have ever had them attack your space, they are only irritating. It is unbelievably terrifying to observe a subterranean insect pervasion in the …

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RESEARCH METHOD The content analysis approach of identifying and examining ECA studies involves two steps: identifying relevant articles to be examined and determining the theoretical frameworks (Harris, 2001). Using academic databases (EBSCOhost; JSTOR; Proquest; PsycInfo; and Web of Science,), we conducted a literature search for publications whose titles, abstracts or …

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Dengue Fever and its symptoms

Dengue Fever.                 Dengue fever is an infectious disease transmitted by mosquito, causing any of the four related  dengue viruses. It is also called “Break Bone fever” because it may cause severe joint and muscle pain. Dengue is transmitted by female Aedes mosquito. Since no vaccines are available, prevention  is …

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