Dengue Fever and its symptoms

Dengue Fever.

                Dengue fever is an infectious disease transmitted by mosquito, causing any of the four related  dengue viruses. It is also called “Break Bone fever” because it may cause severe joint and muscle pain. Dengue is transmitted by female Aedes mosquito. Since no vaccines are available, prevention  is the best remedy.

History of Dengue

                Dengue is one of the many viral diseases transmitted by the mosquito. The disease commonly breaks out in explosive epidemics that spread with amazing rapidly as seen in the year 2011. In Lahore. The disease has affected all warm parts of the world such as Pakistan, india, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Central Africa, Central America, and china. It is a disease of the monkeys transmitted to them by forest dwelling mosquitoes.   


                Outbreaks in human population presumably began when some of these mosquitos got the virus from monkeys and made way to human villages where they started breeding. Hence infected human beings carried the disease to the cities where Aedes took over the vector.

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