Blue-Masjid(Istanbul-Turkey) Sultan Ahmed Masjid:

Blue-Masjid(Istanbul-Turkey) Sultan Ahmed Masjid:

  1. Sultan Ahmed Masjid is one most impressive monuments in the world. It is also known as the blue masjid because of the blue tiles and embellish its interior. Situated in Istanbul, the largest city in the Turkey and the capital of Ottoman Empire from 1453 to 1923, It has become the most popular tourist attraction.
  2. It was constructed between 1609 and 1616 during the rule of Ahmed I. As was the custom this masjid like the other masajids of the time comprises a tomb of the founder, a madrassah and a hospice.
  3. The construction of the masjid started in 1609. The royal architect Sedefhar Mehmat Agha, was appointed by the sultan as in-charge of the project. The opening ceremony was held in 1616. Unfortunately the Sultan could not see the compition of the masjid in his life.It was completed in the reign of his successor Mustafa I.
  4. The blue masjid reflects the architectural style of both the ottoman masjid and byzantine church. Hagia Sophia, a masjid, one of the wonders of the muslims architecture, was also kept in view as a model.

5. The masjid has a spacious forecious forecourt surrounded by a continuous vaulted arcade. It has ablution facilities on both the sides. In the centre, there is a fountain which is rather small in contrast with the magnitude of the courtyard. A heavy iron chain is hung at the upper part of the court entrance at the western side. The side was meant for the sultan alone. The chain was put there so that the sultan had to lower his head every time he entered the court.

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